A high rate bioscrubber and biofilter system for odour control.
Water tank
Dekoda is part of TEI's range of compact, environmentally friendly processes.
Unpleasant odours originating from wastewater treatment can be effectively treated using the new Dekoda odour control system. The system consists of two stages: a bioscrubber first removes primary odour, followed by a biofilter to provide a polishing stage. In the bioscrubber, a continuously wetted media with high surface area allows gases such as hydrogen sulphide to be oxidised by biological activity. The biofilter uses an organic media to provide all necessary growth material for bacteria, and also allows chemical adsorption onto the media's surface. Depending on the specific application, bioscrubbers and biofilters can be used separately, or in series, to provide the best possible reduction in odourous chemicals.
Dekoda's modular construction offers the full benefits of easy installation, low cost, low maintenance and design flexibility. It can be added to existing treatment works or supplied with new plants. It can also help combat odours from sewers and assist ventilation of confined spaces to create safe working environments.
The process has been pioneered by TEI at several sites in the world over a range of odour control situations.

Typical Dekoda Performance

Air feed flowrate               600 to 1000 m3/h
Hydrogen Sulphide feed levels   >50 ppm
Typical removal rate            >95%
Footprint:  single stage        3m x 5m
two stage                       3m x 8m