Special Lubricants

TEI manufactures and markets hundreds of products. We pride ourselves in problem solving and constantly develop products for special applications. We specialize in custom blended products to your specification and needs.

Straight Cutting And Grinding Fluids Lubricating Oils
Heavy duty oil chlorine and sulfur free

Dual purpose screw machine and general purpose oil cutting oil for most severe applications
Tri-purpose oil

Hydraulic oil series
Heavy duty gear oil
Water-Mix Cutting And Grinding Fluids Drawing Compounds
All purpose heavy duty soluble oil
Semi-synthetic general purpose fluid for all metals Synthetic bio-stable fluid for ferrous metals
Synthetic bio-stable non-foaming general purpose fluid
Non-chlorinated heavy duty soluble oil
Bar drawing oil
Heavy duty water-mix product free of sulfur, chlorine
No residue water mix synthetic fluid
Extreme heavy duty water-mix product for all metals
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids Rust Preventatives
FR 100       Invert emulsion
FR 200       Water glycol
FR 303       Blended phosphate ester
FR 310       Phosphate ester
HFR NO. 1     Polyol ester
Light oil low residual type
Heavy duty soluble type
Outdoor rust preventative
Honing Oil  
Light duty general purpose oil
Die Cast Release Agents  
Light duty general purpose oil  
Forging, Heading And Extruding Oils  
Heavy duty medium viscosity oil
Water-mix graphitic product
Dual purpose lubricating and extruding oi
  White Guard Supreme (With PTFE)
  Red Grease (Extra Heavy Duty Non-Melt Grease
  Gold Grease
  Moly Grease (Heavy Duty High Temp Lubricant with Molybdenum)
  Super Impact Grease (Impact Resistant Grease)
  Tuffplate Grease With PTFE
  Lithium Complex E.P. Grease
  Ultra High Temp (Synthetic Blend Grease)
  Open Gear and Fifth Wheel Grease
  Anti-Seize Compound
  No-Mess Anti-Seize Compound
RTV Silicones
  Super Blue Gasket Maker
  Super Red High Temp RTV Gasket Maker
  Super Black Low Volatile Gasket Maker
  Super Clear Caulk/Sealant
  Super White Caulk/Sealant
Chain and Cable Lubricants
  Silver Spur Chain and Cable Lubricant
  Special Wire Rope Lubricant
Compressor Oils
  Synthetic Blend Compressor Oil
  Superfilm Compressor Oil (S.A.E. 30 ISO 100)
  Superfilm Compressor Oil (S.A.E. 10 ISO 32)
Specialty Oils
  Superfilm Universal Tractor Fluid
  All-in-One Automatic Transmission Fluid
Fuel Conditioners
  X-10 Fuel Conditioner
  CF5D Diesel Fuel Stabilizer (with Cetane and Flow Improver with Added Lubricity)
  FI-50 Diesel Fuel Flow Improver
  MDA7 Starbrite Diesel Fuel Improver with Algae Power
Oil Supplements
  Gear Plus (Advanced Technology Gear Oil Treatment with MSX-4 Friction Reducer)
  Improved X-20 Moto Guard Oil Conditioner
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